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STRATEGY, REDESIGN, development, copy

Simplifying services and positioning

ReachTech aimed to streamline its offerings, which included Web Design & Development, LiveStream, A/V, digital transactions, brand enhancement and more... So we helped them redesign the website and write the copy.

Revamping the sitemap

We've tackled the structure of the website in the form of a sitemap to improve the information architecture and empowering users to find what they are looking for.

Welcoming the different marketing personas

The homepage is like a portal to the rest of the site. We wanted the user to identify themselves as quickly as possible so we can direct them to their respective landing pages.

A bespoke case studies system

Since ReachTech is an agency, one of the most important aspects of their website was the case studies. We designed and developed multiple bespoke Webflow components the client can use as building blocks to have completely unique layouts for their case study pages.

Copy, meet design

The advantage of having copy and design under one roof is we can make them work really well together! At Grotesque, our designers write copy and our copywriters can design.

Answer the prospects

Added an FAQ section that answers any questions the prospects might have before they schedule a call.