Grotesque is a marketing consultancy that helps brilliant companies deliver value to the world.

Founded on the principles of transparency, growth and science; Grotesque aims to help companies who bring good to the progress of humanity.


Our first value is transparency because we found there is a lot of walls being put up in a typical client-marketing consultancy relationship where the data is manipulated and the processes are secret. We aim to bring full transparency to our partnership with our clients through accurate reporting, access to raw data and documentation and training.

We are growth-minded because in today's fast changing markets and environment; growth is one of the toughest things to get right. Sometimes we work with clients who grew too fast and sometimes they didn't grow fast enough. We want to help get growth right.

Science is our compass in making decisions and it leads us to make data-driven, logical strategies that benefit our clients the most.


Ozgun Kabakcioglu combines his filmmaking skills with marketing. He sees them both as storytelling. Therefore, his filmmaking skillset is very suitable for a marketing career and allows him to bring a different perspective to marketing.

You can follow him on Linkedin or check out his filmmaking on Vimeo.