About Us

When the artists and architects realised Romans had disregarded the classical rules for a more informal style in their houses; that fanciful style was called 'grotesque'. This was arguably the first time in history the gap between what you think people will want and what they actually want was recognised.

Marketing at its core is about finding out that gap and bridging it with a message that inspires the customer and creates loyalty.

Ethical agency-client relationship

We don't practice any of the deceitful practices some of our competitors do like manipulating data in reports, overvaluing trivial metrics and doing everything possible to leave the client uneducated so they are tied to the agency.

See the raw data

Reports are good and all but sometimes you just need access to the raw data or the original source. Feel free to have access and commission an independent audit whenever you want.

Just grow. We got you covered

Get access to an always up-to-date documentation for your company. 1:1 or group training sessions are also available for your marketing and sales team.

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Get direct access to your team

Your team's leadership comprises of a marketing strategist and a marketing manager. You will have access to both of them.


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Our Leadership

Ozgun Kabakcioglu
CEO & Marketing Strategist
Edwin Plaskitt
CMO & Lead Strategist